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Safety & Fraud Protection

All the transactions are monitored actively by our specialists to check for any fraud or unauthorized transactions. Blockscapitals LTD reserves the right to reject a payment if our specialists deem it to be a fraud. These steps are in place to ensure that the interests and safety of our clients are protected and safeguarded against any illegal activity from their accounts. Each user or investor will be able to create only one account, while the deposits they make can be unlimited. A single user having multiple accounts is not permitted and Blockscapitals LTD can suspend all accounts of a user if they have multiple accounts.

If two or more users have the same IP address, payment details, security questions/answers, the accounts shall be suspended until both users clarify the authenticity of the accounts. If users are suspected of fraud, their accounts can be blocked or suspended with immediate effect.

We are not responsible for any losses arising from password theft or disclosing your passwords. Never give out any details regarding your account to third-parties to ensure the security of your account.